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Manage your employees’ work schedules.

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Improve work time recording

Depending on your settings, the working hours are recorded either by employees or by the payroll team. The system calculates the number of hours worked based on the start and end times.
Disable the option of recording work time for past dates, enforcing punctuality in attendance and systematic filling of the attendance sheets.
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Accelerate the work schedule generation

Calculates your employees’ overtime automatically
Helps you avoid illegal overtime
Allows for accessing the coworkers’ work schedules (optional)
Allows for making changes to the work schedules
Compares the number of hours worked to the numbers of hours planned
Allows for exporting data to Excel
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Start the work time recorder

Install our application on a tablet or smartphone and turn it into a work time recorder.
Print QR codes or share them with employees so they can record the time they start and finish work.
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Time management in projects

Assign work time to projects.
Assign tasks to departments or individual employees. Check the amount of time allocated to them and compare it with the results obtained.
Plan activities and tasks based on data. Increase your work efficiency and make it easier for you to invoice your customers.

Analyze timetables execution

HRnest generates reports on the recorded work time, planned timetable completions and summaries of paid overtime.
Work schedule execution plan

Key benefits

For Employees

  • Hassle-free work time recording
  • Clear timetables
  • Worked time calendar

For HR & Payroll

  • Creating timetables for employees and departments
  • Indicating paid overtime and night hours
  • Custom reporting on recorded work time with an option of exporting reports to Excel

For Companies

  • Clear electronic work time recording
  • Timetable for all employees with marked absences
  • Control over planned timetables execution

The Work time module offers:

Work Time Registration

Your employees register their worked hours hassle-free, whatever their work mode.


Create timetables for your teams or for the entire company with a couple of clicks.


Automatically generate reports on the completion of planned timetables and browse all data on work time as handy data sheets.

Handy Data Sheets

Easily compare planned hours with those actually worked.

Flexible Work Time Registration

Decide whether you need a timetable or simply a work time registration.

Delegation of rights

Grant access to the system to selected managers at any time, so they can manage work schedules.

Security and Reliability

Your data is safe. We use the best servers available – Microsoft® Azure® – fully compliant with industry standards, including GDPR.

International Version

A fully functional English, Polish and Russian version of our platform, available for all account types, allows you to use HRnest in any country, as well as in an international environment.

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Great systems are even greater when combined with one another, that’s why we offer integrations with:

Comarch ERP Optima
Sage Symfonia
HRnest integration with Google Calendar
Integration with SAP
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