Time tracking that beats the clock

Manage absences and time off in your company with HRnest. All types of contracts and absences included.

Stay flexible and plan your team’s work smarter, based on always up-to-date data records.

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Time tracking software
Employee time tracking software

Never lose a track of time!

  • Choose from 5 different methods of time tracking:
    • the Start/Stop system (Clock in, clock out),
    • Manual work time registration,
    • QR code time recorder with the dedicated app,
    • Work schedules.
  • Customize app to the way your company operates. Define the time tracking method for specific teams or employees.
  • Record time in HRnest according to the way you work: basic, equivalent and task-based work systems are supported.
  • Set the option to record past attendance and encourage an optimal information flow for the whole company.

One app and all time’s tracked

  • Get our app on your tablet or smartphone and turn it into a work time recorder.
  • Print QR codes or share them with employees so they can record the time they start and finish work.
Time clock software
Attendance tracking software
App for shift planning

Shift scheduling takes a few clicks - at least in HRnest

  • Keep employees informed about their shift schedules. Prepare rotas for selected teams or individual employees in a couple of clicks.
  • Stay informed about the execution of work schedules and overtime occurring. HRnest will calculate it for you, so you can make sure there will be no overtime left unnoticed.
  • Access comprehensive reports of shift rotas. Filtering feature will make sure only the necessary info is included.
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Overtime settlement

Overtime is work time as well - manage it effortlessly

  • As an employer - you need to control the overtime occurring in your team. HRnest will make it effortless with its overtime calculating feature.
  • Apart from tracking regular work shifts, the app will indicate, if an employee worked overtime. The exact data simplifies overtime payments or lieu days provision.
  • Also - the comp days requested with the Leave module will bring the overtime hours down from the time tracking reports automatically.
Work schedule execution plan
Project tracking software
Project time management

Divide and assign - be a project time management master 😎

  • Get your projects time tracking under control. With HRnest, you can assign projects to whole teams or individual employees.
  • Your employees can divide their work time and assign it to projects. It allows you to monitor your team’s effectiveness by checking the amount of time allocated to each project.
  • Project time management in HRnest lets you plan tasks based on data. It simplifies invoicing your customers too!
Time tracking reports

Reports ready in the blink of an eye!

  • HRnest does reporting for you! Check the shift schedules execution and control the time and attendance in your team - with convenient view of real-time data.
  • Customize reports with filtering option - so you don’t miss a thing, even in huge teams.
  • Export data to Excel or PDF using simplified or a full view of time tracking records.
Work schedule reports

HRnest is a win-win...-win

For Employees

  • Easy time tracking on desktop or mobile
  • A clear view of rotas
  • History of recorded worktime

For HR & Payroll

  • Creating shift plans for teams
  • Keeping track of overtime and night shifts
  • Comprehensive reports and data export to Excel.

For Companies

  • Convenient and safe time tracking
  • Fast shift planning (absences included)
  • Control over rotas execution

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Export data to Excel, CSV, PDF files, i-Cal and then to the HR and payroll programs with a few clicks.

Corporate-class security

Your data is safe. We use the best servers available – Microsoft® Azure® – compliant with industry standards, including GDPR.

Your entire company’s work made easy

HRnest facilitates the work of HR, managers and employees, saving time and ensuring better planning and transparency of processes.

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