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Some of the easiest things turn out to be the hardest to come by, it is no wonder then that it took me a while to find an intuitive and easy-to-use absence management software, such as HRnest. Once we had implemented it, it quickly turned out that no task is too complicated for the HRnest Team, who is, by the way, very friendly and professional. HRnest has been quickly embraced by our staff. It has been a great help to our managers, as they can easily monitor and approve staff holiday plans. HRnest has also increased the efficiency of our HR team which now has full control over all holiday requests. We recommend HRnest to everyone.
Martyna Kozłowska
Human Resources Trainee
Red Bull Sp. z o.o.,
The implementation of HRnest in our company has greatly improved the efficiency of the administrative tasks performed in relation to employees’ holidays, absences and business trips.
Additionally, our staff is now more self-sufficient in requesting and settling the above, as the processes involved have become much clearer for them.
Also, using HRnest has improved our internal communication. We highly recommend it!
Joanna Gładkowska
Administrative Specialist
Using HRnest has brought order to our staff holiday plans. It has also given both our employees and managers an easy-to-use tool for managing absences. The robust reporting module has proven very useful for our HR team.
The platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, and whenever we need to customize it, the team at HRnest is eager to make necessary changes. We highly recommend it!
Filip Stachak
HR Specialist
HRnest is very intuitive and highly functional. It meets expectations of everyone at our company: employees, managers (especially the reporting module and access to manager absences) and the HR team. Managing staff holidays has become very easy.
We also appreciate the accessibility and professionalism of the HRnest Team all the way from the implementation stage to everyday support. I’d love to be able to say that about every service provider! I highly recommend HRnest.
Karolina Kurysz
HR Coordinator
Ocean Network Express (Europe)Ltd.,
We appreciate the ease of use of the software and great customer service all the way from the implementation stage to the day-to-day support. But we’re truly taken by the HRnest team’s willingness to constantly improve the software, by their openness to customer feedback and flexibility that makes it easy for us to customize the product to our particular needs.
Anna Miś
HR Specialist
HRnest is an easy-to-use software that proves very useful for managing employees’ absences in a medium-sized enterprise, such as ours. It comes with a set of features that allow managers to approve each request, preview holidays plans and holiday allowances. These features make our payroll team work much easier and save a lot of time. The HRnest Team is always very helpful and flexible in customizing the platform. Highly recommended!
Justyna Snoch
HR Specialist,
HRnest has incredibly increased the efficiency of absence management in our company. The application is very intuitive and easy-to-use.
Iwona Potajczuk-Pomarańska
HR Business Partner
Xstream Sp. z o.o.,
We recommend HRnest as it allows us to efficiently and effectively manage holiday request submitted by our staff scattered across various locations. The company is highly recommendable, and the customer support is five-star.
Joanna Kozłowska
HR Business Partner
Yieldbird sp. z o.o.,
HRnest has been enthusiastically embraced by our staff and management alike. The system is intuitive, easy-to-use and makes the planning and management of absences hassle-free. The implementation of HRnest has greatly reduced the amount of paperwork involved in our payroll team daily tasks. The reporting module allowed them to get a clearer picture of the overall situation of the company. I do recommend HRnest to other companies looking for an effective and flexible tool for managing their staff absences.
Anna Blicharska-Sowa
HR Manager
J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A.,
HRnest is an intuitive platform that gathers all the information on holiday requests and holiday allowances. It allows us to save a lot of time and effort, streamlining the process on each stage, from monitoring the requests to the reporting. The software is easy-to-use and we truly recommend it.
Daria Czech
Administrative Specialist
Aiton Caldwell SA,
We’re happy with the service – the platform is intuitive and easy-to-use both for the administrators and the end users. It allows us to monitor holiday plans in the company while limiting the unnecessary paperwork.
Anna Sus
St. Jude Medical,
Once the decision about the implementation of an electronic absence management was made, I was on the lookout for a platform that would be able to do it efficiently. When I found HRnest, I quickly realized it was the perfect match for us. It’s affordable yet very powerful. It’s easy to use and accessible for employees from any location. The support given by the HRnest Team is five-star and all our requests are promptly implemented. I truly recommend it.
Anna Rembak
Accountant & Payroll Specialist
Śląskie Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne Przemysłu Lotniczego,
We’re happy to have implemented HRnest in our company. It makes our work a lot easier, as it’s an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Using the service has greatly improved the document flow. Staff requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently, and all interested parties are being kept up to date. The software allows for effective absence management. Whenever we have an issue, the HRnest Team provides us with a prompt support.
Katarzyna Jedynak
Chief Accountant
We’ve been happy HRnest users for over 18 months now. A simple, intuitive interface has been appreciated by our staff, managers and the payroll team alike, as it makes our day-to-day job easy. HRnest allows for effective absence management in a company that is geographically dispersed. Customer support deals with occasional issues quickly and effectively. HRnest is a great product at an affordable price.
Karolina Łabucka
HR and Administration Specialist
Hogg Robinson Polska
Using HRnest has allowed us to organize the staff absence calendar. HRnest is a practical and effective solution that makes absence management more efficient. It is intuitive and easy-to-use. Occasional issues are quickly dealt with by the HRnest support team. I recommend it.
Filip Fertner
Member of the Board
Inwestycje Alternatywne Profit S.A.,
Our employees, managers and the payroll team have become great fans of HRnest. This intuitive, user-friendly software saves us all a lot of time. We also appreciate the five-star customer support, flexibility in customizing the product for our needs and the overall reliability and kindness of the HRnest Team. We truly recommend it!
Aneta Topczewska-Scrivo
Inclusive Kindergarten and Primary School „Słoneczna Polana”


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