Employee file management
under control

Manage employee documentation and online employee requests. Get notified when there’s time to renew or update important documents.

Improve onboarding by providing a new staff member with access to files most important to them.

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Expiry dates of contracts medical examinations and health & safety trainings
Documents expiration date reminders

Forget to remember - let us remind you!

  • Did you ever forget about contract renewal or health examination update? Never again!
  • HRnest sends an e-mail notification to you and an employee about all expiring employment-related dates.
  • Use a handy calendar to quickly check who needs renewal of their documents and when’s the deadline.
  • Filtering helps you stay organized and stay updated about departments or individual employees.
Employee requests

Elevate motivation with open communication

  • Give your employees a tool to ask you for anything - right from their account!
  • Create custom requests your employees can submit - and let us take it from here! We’ll make sure each request can be easily submitted by your employees and quickly approved by HR.
  • Better yet - we’ll make sure it won’t take more than a couple of clicks.
  • We’re not done - we’ll also notify both your employees and HR about each status update of their requests.
Online employee requests
Personnel files all in one place. 30 days free.Try it for free
Online employee documentation
Company documentation

Business documentation under control

  • Store documents related to your whole team in one place.
  • Guidelines, regulations, plans - available to all employees, always.
  • Share private documents, i.e., contracts or licenses with specific employees using a secure method, allowing both parties to always access important data.
Resourcing & talent management

Business is people - and your people are the best!

  • Manage your company with a full picture of what your team is capable of!
  • Simplify talent and resource management by storing all the data in one place. Assign tasks to employees based on their language skills, driving license and certificates acquired.
Managing resources and competences of employees

HRnest is a win-win...-win

For Employees

  • Quick and easy request submission
  • 24/7 access to info on documents’ expiration dates
  • Preview of documents shared by HR & Payroll
  • Email notifications about each request status change

For HR & Payroll

  • Email notifications about requests submitted for approval
  • Overview of contracts, medical examinations and health & safety trainings that are about to expire
  • Information on available resources and employees skills
  • Reports exporting to Excel

For Companies

  • Full info on employees and their documentation
  • Improved effectiveness of the HR & Payroll
  • Hassle-free work planning
  • Clear calendar of all documents’ expiration dates

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HRnest is a full package for your business’ HR

Customer support team

We provide all clients with full technical support and our consultants will help you at every stage of your work with the tool.

All forms of employment

Contracts of employment, civil law contracts, B2B agreements – whichever you apply, HRnest has got you covered.

Three language versions

Working in an international environment? Use a fully functional English, Polish or Russian version of our platform, available for all account types.

Hassle-free data export

Export data to Excel, CSV, PDF files, i-Cal and then to the HR and payroll programs with a few clicks.

Corporate-class security

Your data is safe. We use the best servers available – Microsoft® Azure® – fully compliant with industry standards, including GDPR.

Your entire company’s work made easy

HRnest facilitates the work of HR, managers and employees, saving time and ensuring better planning and transparency of processes.

Integrations for an easier workflow

Export data to the most popular HR and payroll programs with just a few clicks. Integrate with your Outlook or Gmail calendar. Design integration with your system thanks to API access.

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