Simplify your company's HR processes

Manage employee absences and personnel files and record working time from anywhere, using any device through the online application.

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An application that improves HR processes

How will HRnest make your work easier?

Online leave requests and a leave planner will smooth out absence management in your company.
  • all types of absences
  • all forms of employment
Introduce a convenient and transparent system for recording working time tailored to your company.
  • many ways to record working time
  • working time schedules and overtime control
Manage your company's documentation, create lists of resources and competencies for employees.
  • monitoring the expiry of contracts, the validity of health and safety tests
  • support in onboarding and document management
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Take your HR processes to the next level

Despite the revolutionary changes in today's work environment, in many companies, HR and payroll processes are still carried out in an old-fashioned way: through emails, Excel files, and printed paper. HRnest changes that once and for all.
The leave request approval process in the HRnest application

You can save time with HRnest. Cliche? Yes, but it works.

How much time and energy do you use to handle a single leave request? How many activities and people in your company are involved each time checking the absence limit and the absence plan? Add to that also the timesheets and overtime accounting.

Thanks to HRnest, you can carry out these and other activities quickly from a single panel, without wasting time and energy. Each user has their own access with appropriate permissions. The application helps managers, HR departments, and all employees.

Benefit from transparent communication and processes.

Transparent processes, where each party knows the status of applications, scheduled absences and the number of hours worked, allows you to avoid any misunderstandings in the company and save a lot of time on exchanging information.

Thanks to the absence planner, managers plan their work more effectively in their teams. Automatic generation of reports and statements allows HR employees to save time by conveniently exporting data to HR and payroll programs. And employees submit applications with a few clicks, knowing how many vacation days they have at the moment.

Leave planner in the HRnest app
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Notifications about events in the HRnest application

Employer's obligations regarding working time - fulfilled!

Work time records, granting leave due, calculating and settling overtime hours, keeping track of important dates of validity of contracts, periodic medical examinations, and health and safety training.

The number of formalities required by law, even in the smallest company, is considerable and time-consuming. HRnest allows you to handle all these processes in an integrated and transparent manner from a single panel.

Key features checklist

We constantly improve HRnest to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

Full data security. SSL,
the Microsoft Azure platform
Full compliance with the provisions of the GDPR
Available on any device with no installation
Three language versions: Polish, English, and Russian
Mobile version of the HRnest application

Log in wherever you are

You don't need to install anything. All you need is a browser and internet access on your phone to get the most out of HRnest.

Integrations for an easier workflow

Export data to the most popular HR and payroll programs with just a few clicks. Integrate with your Outlook or Gmail calendar. Design integration with your system thanks to API access.

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