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An application that improves HR processes

HRnest makes HR management easier.

Online leave requests and a leave planner will smooth out absence management in your company.
  • all types of absences
  • all forms of employment
Introduce a convenient and transparent system for recording working time tailored to your company.
  • many ways to record working time
  • working time schedules and overtime control
Manage your company's documentation, create lists of resources and competencies for employees.
  • monitoring the expiry of contracts, the validity of health and safety tests
  • support in onboarding and document management
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Level up your HR management

Many companies still use slow, old-fashioned methods to handle HR and payroll - emails, Excel files, and paper 😫 HRnest changes that once and for all.
The leave request approval process in the HRnest application

HR app that saves you time. Cliche? Yes, but it works.

How much time and effort do you spend processing a leave request? How much workforce is involved each time you arrange the leave schedule? How often do you have to remind your employees about PTO policies in your company? Add shift planning, overtime accounting - and it gets rough quickly.

With HRnest, you won’t waste time and energy on tedious tasks anymore. Each user has their own access with appropriate permissions, so you can work on what's important without worrying about other people. The app helps managers, HR departments, and all employees better understand their responsibilities and improve teamwork.

Best tool to get your team up and running.

Stay transparent about the status of filed requests, time tracking and shift planning. Eliminate confusion and get more efficient information exchange.

The staff leave planner helps managers plan their teams’ work more effectively.

HR department quickly exports needed data to Payroll.

Employees request time off with a few clicks and always know how many days they have available.

Leave planner in the HRnest app
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Notifications about events in the HRnest application

HRnest makes staff management easy.

One app to help you keep an eye on HR in your company. Get time tracking reports. Set leave policies. Manage overtime. Improve employee documentation flow.

All of this (and more) done from one, easy-to-use panel. And did we mention it’s fully flexible to fit your company’s needs? Cause yes - it is!

Key features checklist

We constantly improve HRnest to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

Data security. SSL,
the Microsoft Azure platform
GDPR compliance
Fully responsive and available on every device
Six language versions: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish
Mobile version of the HRnest application

Log in wherever you are...

And access your HR right away. All you need is an internet connection and your smartphone to do everything you need in HRnest.

Easier workflow with integrations

Import data from HRnest to the Payroll software you use with just a few clicks. Add your time off to Outlook and Gmail calendar. Get notified on Slack when there’s a new request pending. Or integrate HRnest with currently used systems with API.

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